You Mean THAT Victoria’s Secret??!

“OMG!!?  The one in Shanghai??!  And Moscow?!”


A non-event: opening yet another Victoria’s Secret.

Same store as Paducah KY and Wauwatosa WI and Tusaloosa AL and Schenectady NY and Fargo ND and …

Let’s Make Our Tellers Unemployed

Why don’t they just come out and say it?
“The more you do for yourself, the less we do for you.”letsmakeourtellersunemployed


“And the less we do for you, the more money we make.  And the more money we make…well, you get the idea.”

Marketing By Crazy J

On the subway, a rather sloppy ad for The Guardian Angels.  It’s not like they bought ad space and have an agency running their campaign.




That’s what happens when you have CRAZY J handling your media.

Dead Man Shaving


The B&W photo.

Just the neck and the nose.

The cryptic headline.

This isn’t an ad for a shave.  This mob guy is about to get his throat slit.



Nightmare For A Chicken


No imagination here.  What kinda food truck is this beyond that they have chicken?  So, unable to conjure any sorta hook, they just say “Dream Chicken.”  Maybe for you, but for the chicken happily spreading his wings, eyes bulging      …      THIS   IS      NO          DREAM.