Manikins Are Not People … Nor Should They Ever Be Treated As Such

I spotted these manikins a few years back and thought: “What the hell? Half-headed, white stylized human figures … something’s not right!” If only I could make a joke out of it.

But then I spotted these creatures …

Real Live, Old School, Childhood Nightmare Manikins and realized ….

“OHH!! The half-headed manikins are weird. But plain, old manikins are absolutely horrifying!”

Because It’s Illegal To Be Naked?


Because otherwise we would scare the children?


Why?  Did I screw up getting dressed again??  Shit!!


I dunno.  Why do you advertise?


Because loincloths are SO 10,000 BC?


Because you came up with an ad campaign so stupid I could write these jokes all day

You Mean THAT Victoria’s Secret??!

“OMG!!?  The one in Shanghai??!  And Moscow?!”


A non-event: opening yet another Victoria’s Secret.

Same store as Paducah KY and Wauwatosa WI and Tusaloosa AL and Schenectady NY and Fargo ND and …