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If you know anything about Google Ads or just how this whole internet works, you might know that I could easily run ads on my website and make money. It would cost me nothing, and I’d make money every time somebody clicked on an ad embedded in a post ripping apart the dumbass fodder for Tide detergent or Bed, Bath and Beyond or Hershey’s Ice Cream or Subway .

But that RUINS the whole point of this exercise! A lot of what makes advertising suck is that there’s a market to just run ads wherever the hell they can be shoved into our faces.

With that in mind, and the idea that I could conceivably make millions if millions of people support me, I started this Patreon thing. There are 4 tiers of support from:

    • $5/month (“Boutique Agency”)
    • $10/month (“Mid-size City Agency”)
    • $25/month (“Renowned Global Agency”)
    • $100/month (“Multinational Holding Company”)

You can get inside dope from the Museum, background videos, a monthly newsletter or for the major donors, a museum wing named in your honor (The Skymall Catalog Wing or The Digital Media Gone Haywire Wing).

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