When Your World Is Reduced To A Glass Ball

Marketing Madness sometimes happens when an agency has a copy concept or a visual idea but they just don’t have both at the same time.

What to  do?

The World Is A Globe Of CBD

You just mash ’em together and h0pe for the best!

What the hell?! The person reading this is a fucking wreck, needs something to calm down and isn’t gonna care whether the visuals match the copy or vice versa.

So what if it’s a sunny day at the beach and you have a hand model with some funky jewelry holding a globe?? Make the words “upside down” upside down!

Like A Little Kid With A Magnifying Glass Burning Ants

But is she gonna get seared where the globe has focused the sun?

Look At My Face On The Side Of A Building With Rectanguler Holes In My Head!!

Got this mailer for one of those financial advisors offering a webinar to help with retirement. I ask you: Why would I give my money to a guy who has gaping rectangular holes in his head!? WHY!?!?

Naz Dick Nas Dick Head

Yes, yes we know it’s supposed to be the Nasdaq building in Times Square.


But it is also your face on a building with GAPING RECTANGULAR HOLES IN YOUR HEAD!!



Actual Dialogue From Catalogue Photo Shoot

This was actual dialogue recorded from the photoshoot for the 2011 Spring/Summer Uline catalogue photoshoot:

This is a model beaver

Fred: “Find somethin’ heavy to put in front of the  wood crates. This is goin’ on the cover.”

Phil: “Huh?  Ahh…throw a cinder block in there!”

Fred: “Cinder block!?  Find something nice!”

Phil: “Nice?!  Who cares!!  Just put anything there!”

Fred: “Hey what about this beaver!!”

Phil: “BEAVER?!”  

Fred: “You said, ‘Anything!!'”


Dead Man Shaving


The B&W photo.

Just the neck and the nose.

The cryptic headline.

This isn’t an ad for a shave.  This mob guy is about to get his throat slit.