Those Smart Domain Squatters Know How To Monetize It, I Tell Ya!

The internet, as we all know, is a license to print money. Look what THIS genius did who owns the domain

Raking it in selling Boy Suit black tuxedo 5pcs with free Shirt and tie!

This URL is a gold mine. For Boys In Suits

All because people stumble in looking for, umm … how did I get here? I think I was looking for “loam.”

But now I want a boy’s suit and tie shirt black tuxedo 5 pieces of something click for more information tie jacket boy haircut might be missing his right arm spikey hair suit. Must have….

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Contextual Advertising At Its Best

A little old but worth a laugh. One of those fan sites supported by advertising, in this case, QuiBids (another web business of questionable practicality) buys ad space wherever the hell and … lo and behold … with the word “mix” on the site then there’s just a chance someone might be thinking:

“I need a mixer for that cake. Because Drake likes cake. He likes to bake. And take a flake …”  Drake Cake Mix

Oh fuck the cake and Drake and the mixer and elixir and … and ……

The Internet Is Broken #1

From the answer is wrong.  And so is everything else on this page.


The question I posed “What is the point?” yielded “mount bear” …


…and a number of other related, uh, questions, answers, I dunno…words???