Inside This Tiny Mobile Banner Is A Story…

… except nobody knows WTF the story is about.

fall out of the roller coaster and be caught by the guy in the



I think the story is:
Don’t worry about falling out of the roller coaster that is the stock market because the guy much smaller than you in the cherry picker you will try to catch you.
And he has a hard hat on and a yellow vest so that will help when he tries to catch you.
I think.

Photos, Circuit boards, Pest control

I get it. You put some software-as-a-service on the web and you’ll make some money off the advertising, helping people convert their SVGs to PNGs. That explains the ad for the “My Heritage” site and the Abacus Technologies, white glove circuit board thing. But, pest control. I mean, yeah computers have ‘bugs’ but srsly??

Oh Look. It’s That Cool Thing With The Thing

I’m sorry I know I’m an ignorant fool and just can’t keep up with all the new doohickies and gewgaws the kids have but…seriously.  WHAT THE HELL IS THIS??


I get it.  MIT Technology Review.  Cool logo with lower-case font and a modern “N” in the middle.  A hole at the bottom with chamfered edge. But … I must repeat … WHAT THE HELL IS IT?!?!

The Subtext Of Stock Photos

Looks like your basic stock photos for some clickbait headlines … no biggie.


Look again!  

WOMEN suffer from self-doubt and the ‘imposter syndrome.’ (and are also stuck inside sitting at a desk with a cup of coffee)

MEN find Strength and use that to get a job.  (and also go outside and look at the skyline)

Marketing Madness IS Misogynist!

The Internet Is Broken #1

From the answer is wrong.  And so is everything else on this page.


The question I posed “What is the point?” yielded “mount bear” …


…and a number of other related, uh, questions, answers, I dunno…words???