If You Are Advertising Then You Are Advertising Already

This is sort of a recursive version of that sign near a development off the highway that says, “If you lived here you’d be home by now.”

If you are reading this, then you'd be reading this by now. Or something like that.

But by this logic, if YOU are reading this and your CUSTOMERS are reading this then why don’t you just go talk to your customers who are reading this over your shoulder instead of advertising inside a shopping cart??

General People Mills Food

Ahh… where to go with this?

People Are Food We Make And Then EAT!

Are they saying:

We are making FOOD, PEOPLE?!! Got that?!!


We are manufacturing a special food which is called “Food People”


We are converting food into people

which means…


The bottom line:
it means NOTHING!!!

People Are Food We Make And Then EAT!


Beyond The Bed And The Bath Is … The Home

So the Big Box Bed Bath & Beyond isn’t really a store after Covid because retail is dead and we’re all stuck at home. How will they spin that and make us feel better?

Home Bath Bed Head Beyond Dead


  • Home, happier
  • Shop, lazily
  • Deliver, immediately

The Big Box Stores are now warehouses for our stuff. Happier?

Your Food Is Handcrafted

Yes, there are men in chef toques with whisks and ladles carefully pouring chocolate over your cookies.



Then why is that image a drawing??

Because the photo wouldn’t quite communicate the same thing. 1_choc_large_350x300