When Your World Is Reduced To A Glass Ball

Marketing Madness sometimes happens when an agency has a copy concept or a visual idea but they just don’t have both at the same time.

What to  do?

The World Is A Globe Of CBD

You just mash ’em together and h0pe for the best!

What the hell?! The person reading this is a fucking wreck, needs something to calm down and isn’t gonna care whether the visuals match the copy or vice versa.

So what if it’s a sunny day at the beach and you have a hand model with some funky jewelry holding a globe?? Make the words “upside down” upside down!

Like A Little Kid With A Magnifying Glass Burning Ants

But is she gonna get seared where the globe has focused the sun?

It’s Like Somebody Dared A Marketing Guru To Make Any POS Cool

Marketing Skeptic: “I bet you can’t make toilet paper hip.”

Marketing Guru: “I can make blood soaked gauze that covers scabs cool!”

Marketing Skeptic: “I dare you!”

Marketing Guru: “Watch me!”

You want to buy it. You don't know what it is but you want to buy it because it looks cool. Admit it!

Admit it. You don’t even know what it is but you want to buy it because the graphics are cool.

Dominating the bandage department

With prices like these, you’ll be slashing your wrists just to use them!

Good copy always makes absolutely no sense.

When you’re ready to blow 10 to 13 dollars on band aids, everything is insane.

Vitamins, Shmitavins! Highlight The Exotic Ingredient

Roman can only make so much money as yet-another-joint-delivering-Viagra-to-your-door, so why not vitamins? BUT, vitamins are so … A, B, B12, C. And if they list out the ingredients that’s just not as cool with the slick graphics and photos.

African Pygmy Stuff So Cool

Why don’t we list this one really exotic ingredient that does who-the-hell-knows what as the very last oneBOOM!

They’ll buy it! Who wouldn’t?

Do We Really Need A Logo Here?

Think of the poor designer who was saddled with this assignment.  And copywriter.

It’s a soap dispenser.  Yeah, it’s foamy.  Maybe, by virtue of the foamy it is light.  But does it need to be called Light and Foamy?

lightfoamy3 lightfoamy2

And, let’s not forget, the attorney who filed the register Lite’n Foamy