About The Curator

After studying the Not So Fine Arts at The College of The Atlantic and Pacific Tea Company (A&P), Lee Sachs went on to clip a lot of articles and scan images and do screenshots of stuff he thought was funny.

When the web came along, Lee said,

“How did this web actually come along?  Is it walking?  Running? And why won’t it leave me alone?”

But then WordPress came along and it started to make sense. The expression ‘came along’ didn’t really mean the web was following Lee walking or running.  Lee was less confused and decided to take all those articles and images and screenshots and put them on this web that had come along. And here we are today.

Lee invites visitors to walk the halls of his Museum and enjoy the fact that it isn’t like a real boring 3D museum anyway.

Plus, admission is always free.

He can be emailed at LEE DOT SACHS that circular ball-like AT symbol and then GMAIL and then DOT again and then COM.

Please visit www.coolpillows.com for more funny crap from Lee’s brain.

The Museum of Marketing Madness is funded solely mainly from Lee paying the company that hosts the website and making this stuff in his spare time. However, there IS a Patreon where you can support my efforts. Consider joining!