A recent study* concluded that the average American is exposed to 480 trillion advertising messages every second. Bottom line: No matter what gets thrown up on the Giant Media Wall in our faces, 99.9% passes through our brains faster than you can say “CPM.”

So it shouldn’t be a surprise that a lot of the stuff is throwaway.  Who cares?  Nobody’s going to remember anyway?

Not here!  At The Museum of Marketing Madness, we like to celebrate the failures.  Remark upon the unremarkable.  And otherwise…make fun!

Someone, somewhere actually rationalized that this particular photo, this copy, this graphic treatment is the penultimate expression of a product’s promise, a brand’s message.

Or, more likely, they just said:

“Here. Show them this. Maybe this will shut ’em up.”

And the client says:

“Stupid agency!  Is this all they have? Ah, whatever…let’s just go with it.”

*you really believe there’s a study out there that says this?