I Want To Kill Something. Do I Need A Squad Or A Hunter?

From 2 competing direct-mail pieces doing the same damned thing arriving on the same damned day:


Hunters Kill ... leave the kids and dog aloneSquads can kill and are more of a team and not has deadly. Lighten up!



The only good mosquito hunter is a dead mosquito hunter

The only bad mosquito is a live mosquito

Okay, so Mosquito Hunter has a nice sorta Nigel Thornberry (Of the Wild Thornberry’s cartoon) vibe.

Safari Hunter Dude with Australian bush hat

But, really, he’s kinda holding the mosquito like a pet.

Then again, he’s about to crush the bastard.

Why does the Mosquito have a sorta Dracula-ish helmet haircut thing goin?

Squad Guy is a little hipper and a more contemporary feel.

But then … are those … Man Boobs?

Prominent in the Squad piece is … dead bugs. Kinda dark huh?

The only dead bug is a good bug

Whereas the Hunter has a more positive, ethnically-diverse, animal-friendly feeling happening.

You know what though? They are both White Men carrying weapons. The whole thing is a disgrace and I don’t want to have anything to do with them.

Let the Mosquitos take over!